The Syversen family invests in Danish legwear brand - Dear Denier.

Syversen AS invests in 2019. In a challenging market, they 
bought Sweden's leading swimwear brand, Panos Emporio. Now they invest in legwear, as they are buying into the Danish sustainable brand, Dear Denier. 

– SYVERSEN Group is built on socks and tights, and Dear Denier has a modern approach to the category, says Hans Erik Syversen, partner of Syversen AS.

Dear Denier, is sustainable products, produced in Italy, with the right designs. Also, Katrine and Frederik who have started the brand, are two people we really like.

"We are confirming the position of the brands we already represent, while at the same time expanding our portfolio of brands where we are also investing as owners. The acquisition of Panos Emporio, and the investment in Dear Denier is part of a long-term strategy, where we want to be part of the ownership” he said. “We're already big on tights with OROBLU and Calvin Klein, and Dear Denier fits well next to these brands.

Dear Denier, also matches our strategy of offering more sustainable products forward”. 

Plan to grow Dear Denier Internationally

We are planning, together with Dear Denier to further develop the brand and product, and increase distribution both in Scandinavia and internationally. 

–    Katrine and Frederik have convinced us with their love of product, their flair by design, and interest in sustainability. –    The Syversen family understands what I want to accomplish with Dear Denier. They have a lot of knowledge about the product, a modern logistics-center, and a large network both in the Nordic region and internationally, says the founder Katrine Drost, who runs the company with her husband Frederik. 

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